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Monday, October 31, 2005

More Weekend Stuff

I spoke to both my Florida bound family members over the weekend for a post-Wilma update. Brother Tim did loose a 10X12 steel shed, that in his words, "exploded across his yard." His power was only out for one day but his super-humongous generator and propane supply worked perfectly during the interim. Sadly, the livestock all survived. His work building OTOH, lost a large portion of the roof, a wall or two and required two generators to be operating to keep the payroll computers online. It seems the one big generator wasn't working properly and so required a second one, connected to the first, to keep things working.

Dad asked if I couldn't ship him down some electricity, since there is still no promise of power coming in before 22 November. I told him I had an empty 5 gallon paint bucket that I could fill with electricity and mail him, if that would be enough to be effective. Dad said if I would fill it with 220 volt electricity, that he could split it down to house current level and make it last twice as long after it arrives...

His bronchitus is getting much better and he was well enough to go to church yesterday. I was able to tell him thanks for my new dulcimer as well. He says when I get schooled up and playing well that he wants an autographed CD and a percentage of my music sales... Which I gladly promised!

The BSU and I snuck out Friday afternoon for the first viewing of the movie North Country. Its a "based on a true story" of one woman's fight to work in a northern Minnesota mine without being victimized by the oppressive sexual harrasement that was rampant from the company president to the mine floor. Charlize Theron plays the lead and its a pretty decent story though I found some parts of the trial scenes near the end to be highly implausible. But its a decent story and we had a good time at the theater before heading off to Wal-Mart for grocery buying.

Finally, I sat down for a little television on Saturday night and noticed something odd. Or maybe not so odd- I watched numerous commercials for cat food and kitty litter during my viewing time. Do you suppose the paying advertisers choose to show their ads for kitty products on Saturday night because they know that cat owners- present company included- are home , watching tv with a cat on their lap? I'm thinking so...

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